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FFTT Tree Rings - Gift Order

$198 / year

How it works

  • After your successful checkout we will reach out to you within 48h and send you a custom coupon code.
  • Your giftee can use the coupon code at checkout at any time to get 100% off.
  • The subscription will renew inside your account, your giftee does not have to worry about paying. Their subscription stays active as long as you don't cancel the gift subscription.
  • If you would INSTEAD like to give the gift right away without having to wait for a coupon code, then please instead use the normal Tree Rings checkout at and use your giftee's name and email address but your payment details. Please warn them before doing this, as they would automatically receive the receipt. They can then just request a password reset when logging in for the first time.

What You Get

  • Everything included inside Tree Rings but as a gift to someone else