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“So, How Do We Make Money With This?”

From the Desk of Luke Gromen
Tuesday, 8:33 AM

Dear Tree Rings Subscriber,

It’s enough to make even the most seasoned investor’s head swim a bit.

It’s also more than enough to cause most average investors to bury their head in the sand and hope for better, calmer days ahead.

Unfortunately, the same can be said of many ordinary money managers trying to figure out what to do with their clients’ accounts as well as their own. 

But not you. Because as a FFTT-Tree Rings subscriber, you know hope is not a strategy.   

In fact, it’s why as a FFTT-Tree Rings subscriber you value and appreciate the knowledge you receive each week…

In short, you prefer to make choices. Decide, based on the facts and the bigger picture. You’ve demonstrated you are not one to simply react like so many lemmings running off the proverbial cliff after hearing the hot stock tip of the day from some mad money guy who’s more interested in finding weird sounds for his show than doing hard analysis.

It’s for this reason we’ve chosen to extend to you a special invitation.

This invitation is for you to give our Weekly Full Report a try for the next 30 days – that’s approximately 4 issues. Each issue delivered to your member’s area on Wednesday afternoon. Then if you like what you see, you can continue to join us according to the plan you chose.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Because at this point you don’t even know why you want to take us up on this offer.

So, for starters, consider this…

FFTT-Tree Rings is Just Step 1 of 3

That’s right, FFTT-Tree Rings is the result of just the first step of my weekly process.

Steps 2 and 3 are what create the “Full Report” and answer the question:

“So, How Do We Make Money With This?”

That question, and the answer, is the conclusion of every FFTT – Full Report.

And yes, “Full Report” really is the name. It’s a weird name I know. One of our team members is begging me to change the name to something “more marketable… something catchier.”

But for now, it’s staying as simply the “FFTT Full Report”

And starting this week, as a new FFTT Full Report subscriber, you can see the knowledge you receive from Tree Rings strengthened and transformed into wisdom that allows you to DO more with your money thanks to the extra insights, depth of research and actionable strategies found in your new  FFTT Full Report. 

The 3-Step Process That Answers the Question:
How Do We Make Money With This?

As I mentioned, your FFTT-Tree Rings report is the result of step one of my weekly process.

Step One

Research and share “Tree Rings - The 10 Most Interesting Things”

Each week I scour dozens of research outlets, news outlets, reports, history books, and more.

It’s a grind. It takes me hours upon hours.

And I love it.

The result is the “10 Most Interesting Things We’ve Read Recently” you find in every issue of your FFTT-Tree Rings report.

These 10 things are, I believe, the most useful and important things for you to understand that week when it comes to your money and your financial future.

I hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from it as much as I enjoy researching and writing it for you.

And, there’s more if you want more…

Step Two

What’s the ONE Most Important Idea This Week?

In this step of the process, I take everything I’ve been reading and researching and talking with colleagues about and find THE thing I believe is most critical to know and understand that week.

It’s a deep dive into ONE core idea.

I dig deep. I make calls. I pull charts and graphs. I refer back to previous research, previous milestones, and previous beliefs to see what’s changed, what’s changing, what’s NOT changing, and where we might be headed next.

This often ends up being 8-10 pages on ONE core idea for that week. If that sounds like too much for you, then the Full Report might not be for you either.

But if you can get on board with going deeper into one core idea each week, then I think you’ll love what we’re doing in the Full Report.

Especially once you see how, week after week, we ask and answer the question in step three…

step three

So How Do We Make Money With This?

Every week we conclude your Full Report issue by asking the question:

*** So How do we make money with this?***

Then, we answer that question. In depth.

Here’s a look at what this section of the Full report might look like on any given week…

Now, please understand, this is not me advising you on what to do with your money. I can’t legally do that since I’m not managing your money.

But what I can and do share is what Mrs. FFTT and I are doing with our money based on my research…

… and WHY we’re doing it.

Can I guarantee you’ll get rich?
That you’ll never lose money?
That all of your fears and concerns will disappear?

Of course not.

And anyone who does is not only breaking the law but being dishonest with you–and themselves.

With that said…

I believe you’ll see and understand things that affect your money in a way you’ve not seen or understood before.

I believe you’ll be more confident in your decision making around your money.

And I believe you’ll be a step, or seven, ahead of the masses who are more distracted by the latest short term noise than what’s really moving behind the scenes and making their money do what it does.

One Insight Could Be All You Need

Imagine you get just one idea, one insight from one issue over the course of the year that allows you to sidestep a market mishap, or position your assets properly ahead of a major shift in the market.

And let’s say you have a portfolio of $500k.

If the information in our Full Report protected or benefited you by just one-percent, then it would be a worthwhile investment.

If it protected or benefited your portfolio by 5-10%, then the full report upgrade would pay for itself multiple times.

And if you happen to manage a book of business, then this upgrade could be the difference between clients jumping ship or sticking with you through the coming turmoil.

Of course, to upgrade your subscription to the Full Report isn’t “cheap.”

In fact, many of you who’ve been a subscriber for a while tell us it’s simply “too expensive.”

And that’s ok. We’ll keep serving those people through the weekly Tree Rings report.


Final Words About Your Upgrade…

The Full Report is not for everyone. Most people reading this invitation won’t upgrade. Then again, “most people” wouldn’t invest in Tree Rings either. As a matter of fact, “most people” don’t even take an active role in managing their money.

So either way, you’re ahead of the crowd just by being a Tree Rings subscriber.

And while I know the upgrade to our Full Report is worth every penny we charge, the only way you’ll know is to give it a try.

If after 30 days you decide it’s not for you, then feel free to go back to your FFTT Tree Rings membership. You can either switch plans in your account or email us within 30 days about a refund.

No hard feelings. No judgment.

Again, just ONE “So how do we make money with this?” insight from just one issue could more than cover the cost of an upgraded subscription.

So, if you’re interested in giving the upgrade to our Full Report a try, choose your plan and click the button below to get started this week:


$ 334 /month


$ 4000 /year

I look forward to seeing your name as a new subscriber soon.